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Bulk Buy Lithium Aa Batteries !FREE!

Long life, lightweight and exceptional power are all of the reasons people choose lithium AAs. At Battery Products we provide all of those benefits at wholesale prices. Nothing tops our deals. Whether you're buying batteries for the gaming controllers and wireless mice in your home, or you're supplying a fire station, police department, or storm shelter, you'll never beat the prices at Battery Products.

bulk buy lithium aa batteries

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Lithium batteries are well known for their long life and performance in cold temperatures. To get more pictures of that buck that's been strutting across your land, take a look at our recommendations for the best cold weather trail camera batteries.

We can supply a wide range of AA batteries including Alkaline, Lithium, and Rechargeable. Keeping a large stock of AAs on hand is the best way to be prepared for emergencies, long trips, or to make sure you always have a replacement when your TV remote dies. Why remember to continually make trips to Wal-Mart, Costco, or Target for AAs, when you could stock up once and have them ready to go?

Vancouver Battery Corp is a major distributor or Energizer Products in Canada. If you require volume, wholesale or scheduled purchase please contact us today at 604-737-8463 or We have been supplying government, hospitals, care homes and retailers for 2 decades. We specialize in supplying batteries to other businesses.

Energizer Lithium AA Batteries offers Superior Performance in devices that requires AA size batteries. They perform even in the most extreme temperatures -40 F to 140 F. Weighs much less than other batteries and can be used in place of any standard AA battery. Lithium batteries are the ideal choice for survey, monitoring and any outdoor devices operated in cold climates. The value of these batteries are the superior capacity over alkaline batteries meaning they can stay in the field longer before replacement is necessary. The longer runtime more than makes up for the extra cost and also is better environmentally as there is much less waste.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used in many products such as electronics, toys, wireless headphones, handheld power tools, small and large appliances, electric vehicles and electrical energy storage systems. If not properly managed at the end of their useful life, they can cause harm to human health or the environment.

There are two types of lithium batteries that the U.S. consumers use and need to manage at the end of their useful life: single-use, non-rechargeable lithium metal batteries and re-chargeable lithium-polymer cells (Li-ion, Li-ion cells).

Li-ion batteries, or those contained in electronic devices, should therefore be recycled at certified battery electronics recyclers that accept batteries rather than being discarded in the trash or put in municipal recycling bins.

Li-ion batteries in electronics: Send electronic devices containing Li-ion batteries to certified electronics recyclers, participating retailers and recyclers in electronics takeback services or contact your local solid waste or household hazardous waste collection program for more options.

Li-ion batteries that are easily separated from the product (e.g., power tools): Find a recycling location near youto properly dispose of Li-ion batteries. Send individual batteries to specialized battery recyclers or retailers that are participating in takeback services or contact your local solid waste or household hazardous waste program for more options.

The universal waste regulations provide a streamlined set of requirements for generators of specific types of common hazardous wastes (e.g., fluorescent lamps containing mercury, batteries) from a wide variety of commercial settings. Requirements differ depending on whether you accumulate less or more than 5,000 kg of total universal wastes on site at one time, but they include instructions on how to manage the waste, how to label containers, how long the waste can be accumulated on site, and where the waste can be sent, among others. Universal waste regulations do not require shipment using a hazardous waste manifest but do require that the waste be sent to a permitted hazardous waste disposal facility or a recycler. International shipments of Li-ion batteries managed as universal waste must also comply with RCRA requirements for export and import of universal waste. EPA recommends that businesses consult their state solid and hazardous waste agencies for additional information on applicable universal waste regulations.

AA Lithium batteries are known for their high voltage, energy density, durability, and stable operation. Designed with good cycling ability, offers a long calendar life and is economical, but is heavy and has low packaging density due to space cavities. These batteries are used to power devices such as alarm system motion detectors, flashlights, cameras, monitors, computer memory, toys, games, LED lights, and much more.

At, we provide a wide selection of AA Lithium Batteries at discount price. The selection of a battery technology depends on the application requirements regarding performance, life, safety and cost, with each battery type providing specific functionalities. You will be fascinated by our excellent lithium cylindrical batteries with exquisite crafts and fast delivery.

The AA Battery is a small cylindrical cell battery of alkaline, lithium, or Ni-MH composition. The AA Battery is an extremely common battery and is produced by many large brands such as Duracell, Atomic, Energizer, Toshiba, and more. The AA battery is also widely produced by smaller companies and private label battery manufacturers. Other companies also produce batteries in a similar size to the AA, but of different designations and capacities.

Depending on the manufacturer, batteries of the same size and capability of AA, are referred to in a few different variations. Direct replacements for AA would be LR06, Duracell MN1500, R06P, SUM4, LR6, LR6A, HP7, Varta 4106, 824, Kodak KAA K6A, Toshiba LR6N, BA3058/U, NEDA 15A, 15AC, Varta 4006, Rayovac 815, AA, Panasonic AM3, Energizer E91. These batteries are exact equivalents for the AA battery, the only difference being the name.

AA batteries are extremely common and popular. This means that a wide variety of manufacturers make these batteries and a wide variety of retailers sell the battery. It is important to keep in mind that not all AA batteries are created equal and that all retailers have the same dedication to quality. To avoid low quality or worse counterfeit batteries it is important to only purchase your batteries from a highly reputable retailer that sells only the highest quality of brands. has been selling batteries online for over 25 Years and has one of the widest variety of batteries available, including the AA battery, from a variety of world-renowned manufacturers. For all your battery needs, please consider and let them be your battery expert!

The "double-A" battery - also known as the LR6 battery - can be found in Alkaline, Lithium or rechargeable types, each having its own benefits. Alkaline batteries are generally the best all-purpose battery and provide good all round performance for a range of applications. Lithium batteries are particularly suited to high drain electrical devices such as digital cameras. Finally rechargeable batteries are the most environmentally friendly and economical choice of AA battery. Performance wise they are comparable with high end Alkaline batteries making them a great choice.

At we specialise in Duracell and Energizer batteries which are available in pack sizes ranging from 4 batteries right up to bulk buy tubs of 40 batteries. The more AA batteries you order in bulk, the bigger the savings you will make.

Some of the our most popular AA batteries include the Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery which is great for use in high drain electrical devices and the Duracell Ultra range of Alkaline batteries suitable for most everyday applications.

As well as selling a full range of AA batteries, we also stock a wide choice of other batteries and chargers as well as LED light bulbs, torches and other accessories. We offer great discounts on our full range of products and the more you buy the more you can save, so place your order online today.

Switching to rechargeable batteries will reduce the impact but for a long time they have come with a lot of strings attached. Long charge times, poor performance, and a short shelf-life have kept traditional rechargeable batteries out of most households.

Pricing of lithium-ion batteries is slowly changing from obscenely expensive to only moderately unaffordable, and we at Solacity are seeing a steady increase in sales of this type of battery. Most users seem to put them to work in RVs, fifth-wheels, campers and similar vehicles, while some are going into actual stationary off-grid systems.

This article will talk about one specific category of lithium-ion batteries; Lithium-Iron-Phosphate or LiFePO4 in its chemical formula, also abbreviated as LFP batteries. These are a little different from what you have in your cell phone and laptop, those are (mostly) lithium-cobalt batteries. The advantage of LFP is that it is much more stable, and not prone to self-combustion. That does not mean the battery cannot combust in case of damage: There is a whole lot of energy stored in a charged battery and in case of an unplanned discharge the results can get very interesting very quickly! LFP also lasts longer in comparison to lithium-cobalt, and is more temperature-stable. Of all the various lithium battery technologies out there this makes LFP best suited for deep-cycle applications!

We will assume the battery has a BMS or Battery Management System, as almost all LFP batteries that are sold as a 12/24/48 Volt pack do. The BMS takes care of protecting the battery; it disconnects the battery when it is discharged, or threatens to be over-charged. The BMS also takes care of limiting the charge and discharge currents, monitors cell temperature (and curtails charge/discharge if needed), and most will balance the cells each time a full charge is done (think of balancing as bringing all the cells inside the battery pack to the same state-of-charge, similar to equalizing for a lead-acid battery). Unless you like living on the edge, DO NOT BUY a battery without BMS! 041b061a72

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